Baltic Science Network Mobility Programme for Research Internships (BARI)

BARI stands for Baltic Science Network Mobility Programme for Research Internships.

BARI offers summer research internships with appropriate academic training across the Baltic Sea Region to students with interest in Life Sciences, Photon & Neutron Science and Welfare State.

During their internship, students will assist in research and lab work for a proposed project. They will be hosted by research groups, laboratories, and doctoral students who wish to strengthen their ties within the Baltic Sea Region (defined as members of the Council of the Baltic Sea States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia and the observer member Belarus) by hosting a motivated and well-qualified student. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship to help cover living expenses and travel costs. Funding is available for a period of up to three months Working language will be English.

The BARI Portal

The submission of internship proposals (PhD students) and internship applications (Bachelor/Master students) takes place via the BARI portal, which is managed by DAAD. DAAD will organize the selection and the matchmaking process and will be the contact for all questions related to these processes.

The BARI Portal is open between:

1st – 23rd February 2020 (11:59 pm CET – Central European Time) for Internship providers (PhD students).

29th February – 31st March (11:59 pm CET – Central European Time) for applicants (Bachelor/Mater students).

Registration is available at

If you have any questions on international cooperation, please contact the Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility (educational and laboratory building No. 3, offices 2437, 2438).


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