Professor from SpbSAU in Estonia in the framework of ERASMUS + program

From April 15 to April 20, Vadim Sergeevich Grachev, assistant professor of the department of animal genetics, breeding and biotechnology gave a course of lectures to zoo-engineers at Estonian University of Life Sciences on the following topics: modern animal husbandry development in the Russian Federation, highly productive dairy cattle: its origin, characteristics and problems, modern problems of reproduction of dairy cattle in Russia, the main directions of research in animal husbandry of the Leningrad region.

During his trip to Estonia Vadim Sergeevich Grachev visited the Estonian Center for assessment of the bull's breeding value, where they discussed the current problems of breeding in dairy and beef cattle breeding. After he visited the department of farm animals feeding. The employees of the department presented the equipment for analyzing the chemical composition and quality of feed: protein analyzers, fatty acids, feed toxins, etc. A discussion was held on the modern methods for evaluating feed for farm animals.

In the last days of stay in Estonia, he visited Estonian Association of Livestock. Colleagues spoke about the current state of animal husbandry in Estonia, special attention was paid to dairy and beef cattle, methods for assessing the breeding value of producers, the level of genetic potential of livestock in modern Estonia, and factors affecting its maximum disclosure. The issues and problems of the current state of pig breeding, poultry farming and horse breeding were also discussed.

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Posted in News, News(en) on May 23, 2019