SPbSAU professor in France under international academic mobility program ERASMUS +

Associate Professor of the Department of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology Vadim Grachev visited Europe in the framework of international academic mobility program Erasmus + from April 20 to May 24. On the first day he gave lectures on the current state of animal husbandry in Russia as well as on highly productive dairy cows, the problems in breeding and ways to overcome them for students of the higher bioengineering school ISA Lille. On the same day they moved to Belgium. The university organized field trips for professors and students of an international group enrolled in the Erasmus + program. In the second half of the working day the group visited some associations and enterprises for breeding cattle of the Belgian blue breed.

The next day students and professors visited the research center for the analysis of the chemical composition of soil, feed, water. The center also monitors the state of the environment in the Walloon region of Belgium. After this they visited Libramont this is the organization that studies the issues of fattening beef cattle and other combined areas of productivity.

On Wednesday the group was able to get acquainted with the work of the poultry enterprise Ardenne Volailles-Betrix, which is engaged in breeding meat chickens. At the poultry farm they were told about the poultry production in Belgium. After that, the group visited a slaughterhouse and a meat processing plant engaged in the production of poultry meat and meat products, where the work of the entire production line from slaughtering poultry to the production of final products was studied. Then the students and professors went to the farm for breeding buffalo for meat. The total number of animals on the farm is 250. The owner of the farm told about the peculiarities of breeding, reproduction, feeding and keeping bison.

On Thursday they moved to the north of France with a visit to an alpine goat breeding and goat cheese production farm. The premises for the maintenance of dairy goats (250 goals), young stock, as well as the milking parlor were examined. The owner of the farm spoke in detail about the technology of feeding and keeping of goats, the production of milk and cheese. The farm produces cheese of five different varieties, which is sold for sale both to the distribution network and to individual customers.

After that a group of professors and students returned to the ISA Lille. On the last day, final lectures devoted to the reproduction of dairy cattle in the Russian Federation and the main areas of research on animal husbandry in the Leningrad region were given to the students of the French university.

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Posted in News, News(en) on Jun 03, 2019