Study in Estonia under the international academic mobility program ERASMUS +

Anna Burim, a 2nd year graduate student in the Faculty of Zoo engineering and Biotechnology, is studying at the Erasmus + international academic mobility program at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Anna shares her impressions about studying in Estonia. The Estonian University of Life Sciences is the largest university in the Baltic States, where people are trained to work in the agro-industrial complex. The university is equipped with modern equipment, professors are always open and ready to help students and answer all questions.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where I study, is in the same building with a veterinary clinic, the best in the Baltics, students do practical work there and learn a lot. The university holds special field classes where we can see everything in practice.

In addition to studying at the university there is a very rich student life, many interesting events are organized specifically for students who study at the university for international exchange programs.

There is a photo cross in the city and watching films together, trips to national parks, international dinner. Erasmus + exchange training is a unique opportunity to study in Europe and gain invaluable experience for your future profession.

The international cooperation of the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University is organized by the Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility.




Posted in News, News(en) on Jun 04, 2019