All-Russian Field Day – 2019. IV international scientific and practical conference "Climate, soil fertility, agricultural technology"

IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Climate, Soil Fertility, Agricultural Technology. The complex technology of direct sowing with biologization methods as the basis for maintaining soil fertility, reducing the negative impact on the climate and producing organic products” took place at St. Petersburg Agrarian University as the part of the agricultural technology exhibition “All-Russian Field Day - 2019” on July 10, 2019. The organizers of the conference are the Russian Coordinating Committee of the Russian-German Forum “Petersburg Dialogue” and non-Profit Partnership “National Movement for Conservation Agriculture”.

Among the speakers there were the representatives of FAO, the Belgorodsky Agrochemical Service Center, Agrophysical Research Institute, Trimble, Geoscan, Lechler, Rostselmash KZ, Pegasus-Agro, Amazone and others.

The Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility attended the conference. The Center provided linguistic support for foreign speakers. Francisco Ayala from Argentina, Bioceres, presented the audience with the report “The First Green Solution for Wheat: A Case Study in Argentina”. There was a video call from Turkey. Fazil Dusunceli, a FAO Representative, spoke about “Promoting Climate-Saving Approaches and Sustainable Agriculture: Turkey's Experience in the Context of a Project Funded by GEF”.

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