2019 Certificate Graduation Ceremony for preparatory course

There was the ceremony of presenting the Certificates to the students of the additional general education program providing training for foreign citizens and stateless persons to study in professional educational programs in Russian on June 27, 2019.

We enrolled 67 students from 7 countries for our preparatory course that academic year. The majority of students came from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, but there were also students from Turkmenistan, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Congo and the Gambia.

Young people with serious learning skills and a good intellectual level presented the core of all the groups in the preparatory course.

Some groups were homogeneous (there were students from Sri Lanka or Turkmenistan) and the other ones were heterogeneous. And here we are talking about culture, religion, personal characteristics, ability to learn. However, everyone was united by one thing that is a desire to learn Russian and get to know Russian culture and mentality.  Most of all, students were interested in the discussions about cultural and regional geographic issues. There were a lot of such discussions and, fortunately, they were friendly and did not touch the taboo topics such as religion, politics, gender differences and etc.

Our students were very open for communication, Africans talked easily to Sri Lankans, they spent their free time and celebrated holidays together. The life of students was not limited to the academic hours. One of the striking events in the life of students of the preparatory course was the celebration of the Sri Lankan New Year on April 14, 2019. The students invited everyone to take part in their holiday. All guests from Africa, Asia and Russia remembered the holiday with multicolored traditional clothes, national dishes, dances and games.

The teachers tried to diversify the classroom study of the Russian language. For example, the first bright event was a trip to the supermarket "Spar" where they used the names of products and the questions “where?”, “how much?”.

During the academic year teachers took their students on an excursion to the Hermitage and to Ekaterininsky Park.

The final event was the quest around the historical places of Pushkin.

Nowadays we are forming students’ groups at the preparatory course for the next academic year.

If you need information about invitations and study conditions, please contact the Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility of our university.


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