Academic mobility in China in 2021

The selection of candidates for the Chinese Government Scholarships for the academic year 2021 - 2022 has started. Individuals who meet the conditions below must apply to the appropriate host organization. For information on the types of scholarships, host organizations, application methods and registration process, PRC higher education institutions, visit the PRC Government Scholarship Program website ( or http: //www.campuschina. org ).

Conditions for participation in the competition for a scholarship

  • Lack of Chinese citizenship, satisfactory state of health

Age and educational requirements:
1. Applicants for undergraduate studies must have a high school diploma, age must not exceed 25 years
2. Applicants for master's studies must have a bachelor's degree, the age must not exceed 35 years;
3. Candidates for doctoral studies must have a master's degree, the age must not exceed 40 years;
4. Applicants for participation in a standard internship must complete at least 2 years of study at the university, the age must not exceed 45 years;
5. Candidates for participation in the extended internship must have a diploma of at least a master's degree or a rank of at least an associate professor, the age must not exceed 50 years.

Chinese level requirement:
1. When choosing a discipline and specialty (except for the specialty of the Chinese language), taught in Chinese:
2. Applicants for undergraduate studies - HSK 3 and above;
3. Applicants for the standard internship - HSK 3 or higher;
4. Applicants for the Extended Internship - HSK 3 or higher;
5. Applicants for Master's studies - HSK 4 and higher;
6. Candidates for doctoral studies - HSK 4 and above.

Documents Required to Participate in the Scholarship Competition
1. Application for scholarships of the PRC Government (completed online in English or Chinese and printed after completion);
2. The first page of the passport. The candidate must present a scanned copy of the first page of the passport in good quality. The passport must expire after March 1, 2022.
3. A notarized copy of the diploma (certificate) on obtaining education, if the candidate is currently an active student of the university, a confirmation issued by the relevant university is also required.
4. Report card. If the timesheet is not in English or Chinese, a notarized English or Chinese translation must be provided.
5. Plan of study or scientific work in the PRC (for a bachelor - at least 200 kanji / words, for an internship participant - at least 500 kanji / words, for masters and doctoral students - at least 800 kanji / words). The plan must be written in English or Chinese.
6. Reference letter. Applicants for Master's, Doctorate and Extended Internship programs must submit two letters of recommendation written in English or Chinese by a professor or assistant professor.
7. If the candidate is under 18 years of age, he must provide the statutory documents for the trustee who is responsible for him during his stay in China.
8. Anyone who has already received an HSK score report must attach the report to the application materials.

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