Graduation of foreign students of pre-university training in the Russian language

In December 2020, pre-university training of foreign citizens in the Russian language for training in professional educational programs of biomedical orientation started at SPbSAU.

Students could not come to the university because of epidemiological situations,  and they had to study using distance technologies. Learning a foreign language online requires increased discipline and maximum involvement in the process. Fortunately, there were highly motivated students in the preparatory course.

There were female and male students from four countries: the Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of Cameroon and Turkmenistan.

During the training, the students learned Russian from scratch, and were also able to prepare for exams in Russian in biology, chemistry and physics.

At the time of the final exam and the presentation of graduation certificates, only one student, Ratib Al-Qasir from the Syrian Arab Republic, was able to come to the university, in the future he will continue to study at our university.

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Posted in News, News(en) on Jul 21, 2021