Information for foreign students. How can you cross the border of RF in 2021?

To the attention of foreign students enrolled in the first year!

Algorithm for the entry of foreign students into Russia

Dear first-year foreign students, we congratulate you on your admission to the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University. We are looking forward to seeing you in our classrooms. Read carefully the algorithm for entering the Russian Federation for training.

List of countries allowed for the entry of foreign students, 01 August 2021:

CIS and Baltic:

Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Ossetia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan


Vietnam, India, Maldives, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, China

Middle East and North Africa:

Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria


Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, Ethiopia


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, Switzerland


Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, USA

Entry procedure and conditions:

1. Notify the department of migration and visa support at least 10 days before the expected date of entry ( about the date and point of border crossing.

ATTENTION! If you do not notify us of your arrival, you will not be included in the list of students who are allowed to cross the border of the Russian Federation! This means that you will not be allowed to cross the border.

Information to be sent in the letter:

• Approximate or exact (if tickets are available) date of entry into the Russian Federation;

• A copy of the document (passport) by which it is planned to cross the border in order to avoid a situation when the full name in the lists and in the passport does not match. It is important!

After uploading information about your arrival to the database, you will be informed about the possibility of entry.

Please note that the purpose of entry into the Russian Federation indicated in the migration card should only be "STUDY". Otherwise, the University will not be able to accommodate you in a hostel and register.

2. No earlier than 72 hours before arrival in the Russian Federation, do a COVID-19 test by PCR. In case of a negative result, obtain a confirmation certificate in Russian or English in your country. A certificate is required when crossing the border, settling in a dormitory and admitting to classes.

3. Within 72 hours after entering the territory of Russia, you must pass a second test for COVID-19 by PCR. You will need to maintain isolation in the observatory without going into face-to-face studies until you get your test results again. The observatory is organized by the University on the basis of the dormitory.

The order of check-in and residence in the observatory dormitory:

1. Check-in at the observatory dormitory is possible only if there is a certificate with a negative test result for COVID-19 in Russian or English, made no earlier than 72 hours before entering the territory of the Russian Federation.

2. On the day of arrival at the university, immediately arrive at the health center of the University and the department of migration and visa support.

3. After checking the entry and medical documents, check into the observatory dormitory.

4. Within 72 hours after entering the territory of the Russian Federation, re-pass the COVID-19 test using the PCR method.

5. Follow the self-isolation regime until a negative test result for CJVID-19.

6. After receiving a negative test result for COVID-19, get present it at the University health center and get a certificate of admission. After that, you can start face-to-face studies and move to dormitories at a permanent place of residence.

7. In case of a positive test result for COVID-19, follow the instructions of the University's medical staff.

Organization of the educational process:

1. During the period of adherence to the self-isolation regime, the educational process continues in a distance format.

2. Students are allowed to face-to-face studies if they have two negative test results for COVID-19 and a certificate of admission from the University health center.

Recommended list of COVID-19 test items:

1. Medical laboratory "Invitro": Pushkin, st. Magazeynaya, house 47, entrance 3

2. Medical laboratory "Invitro": Pushkin, Pulkovskoe territory, st. Perevedenskaya, building 4, building 2

24-hour hotline for international students outside the Russian Federation:

+7 (921) 644 80 70 (WhatsApp, Viber), e-mail:

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