Mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions for Biodiversity and Food Systems

On June 26th (Saturday at 1pm UTC) the Zoom-discussions "Mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions for Biodiversity and Food Systems" will take place. 

Biodiversity is the basis of agriculture and our food systems. Biodiversity serves as ecosystem services such as soil and water conservation, maintenance of soil fertility, conservation of biota and pollination of plants, all of which are essential for food production and for human survival.

In short, a positive food production at scale, be it minimal or large scale is dependent on Biodiversity hence adopting a nature-based solution approach to better our food systems is KEY to meeting the fundamental human right to healthy and nutritious food feeding for generations to come without depleting resources.

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The participants will be given a certificate by the United Nations Global Marketplace.

With reference to the Zoom discussions, kindly find details below:

  1. Speaker will present on the topic, "Mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions for Biodiversity and Food Systems"

  2. Time Limit for Speaker on the topic is 10 minutes. 

  3. Discussion Time for Speaker is 20 minutes to answer questions from Panel and Participants

  4. Total Time for Speaker is 30 minutes estimated

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