Russian language course online

In December 2020, the preparatory department for additional general education programs at our university began pre-university training of foreign citizens. It provides preparation of foreign citizens for training in professional educational programs of biomedical orientation in Russian.

After a month of training, we can safely say that the students have successfully passed the adaptation period and are actively involved in the educational process. At the initial stage, training takes place with the help of distance technologies. Further, we hope to see students at our university at face-to-face classes when borders will be opened. 

Boys and girls of the biomedical group are citizens of 4 countries: Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of Cameroon, Turkmenistan. After completing the initial stage of learning Russian, students will begin to study biology, chemistry and physics. In summer, when the admissions campaign begins, they will be able to enter both our university and medical universities. Taking into account the peculiarities of the educational process in this academic year, it was decided to organize a one and a half year course of pre-university training for foreign citizens, namely from April 2021 to June 2022

The enrollment is open to the groups of biomedical direction (Russian, biology, chemistry, physics), economical direction (Russian, mathematics, social studies, history) and natural science direction (Russian, mathematics, physics, chemistry).

Applications are accepted until March 20, 2021. An application for training can be submitted on our website. Questions and additional information can be asked by e-mail

Posted in News, News(en) on Jan 26, 2021